Rare and Energetic Cosmic Ray

A rare, extremely energetic cosmic ray has mysterious origins. Physicists discovered a cosmic ray with groundbreaking energy, prompting the need for more research.

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  • A newly detected cosmic ray, similar in energy to the famous "Oh-My-God" particle, was discovered in 2021 with an energy of about 240 exaelectron volts.

  • These ultra-high-energy cosmic rays are exceedingly rare and their origins remain unknown, posing significant scientific challenges.

  • The particle's tracing led to a cosmic void, suggesting gaps in our understanding of cosmic phenomena and galactic magnetic fields.

In a significant scientific development, researchers have discovered an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray, reminiscent of the "Oh-My-God" particle found in 1991. This recent discovery, made in 2021 by the Telescope Array experiment near Delta, Utah, revealed a particle with an energy of about 240 exaelectron volts. Cosmic rays like this are incredibly rare, with the higher-energy variants occurring at even lower frequencies.

The origin of these cosmic rays is a subject of considerable intrigue. Scientists believe they may originate from extreme cosmic events, possibly near supermassive black holes or in starburst galaxies. However, pinpointing their exact sources is complex due to the influence of cosmic and galactic magnetic fields, which alter the particles' paths.

This particular cosmic ray's path was traced back to a cosmic void, a region with sparse galactic presence and lacking apparent violent cosmic activities. This unexpected destination raises questions about our current understanding of cosmic and galactic phenomena, particularly the nature of galactic magnetic fields. Each discovery of such high-energy events is significant due to their rarity and the potential insights they offer into the workings of the universe.

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