France Calls on Rwanda to End Support for M23 Rebels

France has urged Rwanda to cease support for M23 rebels and withdraw troops from the Democratic Republic of Congo, sparking international concern.

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France's Call to End Support for M23 Rebels

  • France urges Rwanda to pull troops out of Congo

  • International concern over potential conflict escalation

France has issued a strong call for Rwanda to end its backing of M23 rebels and remove its troops from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This move has raised significant international concern over the risk of potential conflict escalation in the region.

The United States has also joined in the appeal, urging Rwanda and Congo to take steps in avoiding a potential outbreak of war. The situation has put a spotlight on the delicate geopolitical dynamics at play in the African continent.

The development underscores the ongoing challenges faced in the Great Lakes region and the need for diplomatic efforts to address the complex political and security issues affecting the area.

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