Financial News Summary 11 Mar 2024

Today's news highlights include Biden's proposed tax breaks, a historic copper find, and global stock market movements amidst awaited inflation data.

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U.S. Economy and Housing

  • Biden's First-time Homebuyer Incentive: President Biden has suggested significant tax breaks amounting to $10,000 for first-time homebuyers, aimed at stimulating the housing market.

  • Inflation Awaits Data: Investors are on the edge as they wait for the latest inflation updates, affecting the stability of the 10-year Treasury yield.

  • Oil Prices Decline: Following OPEC+'s decision to extend oil output cuts, the market has seen a downturn in oil prices.

Global Markets and Monetary Policy

  • Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy Debate: Discussions intensify on how these strategies influence the stock market.

  • Goldman Sachs on Battery Metals: Goldman Sachs warns that the bear market for battery metal prices might persist.

  • European Market Closes Lower: Raiffeisen Bank's shares dropped by 7.4%, contributing to the European markets closing in the negative.

Technology, IPOs, and Cryptocurrency

  • NVIDIA Stagnates: Analysts speculate NVIDIA's stock rally might be at a halt.

  • Crypto in Focus: UK's FCA shows a softer stance on cryptocurrency, allowing bitcoin and ethereum-backed securities, while Nigeria faces currency and regulation troubles.

  • Reddit's IPO Aspirations: Reddit looks to raise $500 million in its IPO, testing the waters for future start-up listings.

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