Botanical Garden in Marrakech Adapts to Climate Change

The botanical garden in Marrakech is making changes to survive climate change, including reducing bamboo plants and water-consuming flowers.

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Changes in the Botanical Garden of Marrakech

  • Adapting to climate change by reducing bamboo plants and water-consuming flowers

  • The impact of climate change on botanical gardens

The botanical garden in Marrakech, known for its diverse plant species and lush greenery, is making significant changes to adapt to the effects of climate change. One of the key measures being implemented is the reduction of bamboo plants, which require significant water resources to thrive. Additionally, the garden is removing water-consuming flowers and roses to mitigate the impact of water scarcity caused by changing climate patterns.

These adaptations are crucial for the survival of the botanical garden and its rich biodiversity. The impact of climate change has become a growing concern for botanical gardens worldwide, prompting them to implement sustainable practices and modifications to their environments. The changes in Marrakech's botanical garden serve as a proactive response to the challenges posed by climate change.

By addressing the issue of water consumption and plant selection, the botanical garden in Marrakech is taking significant steps to ensure its resilience in the face of climate change. These adaptive measures not only contribute to the survival of the botanical garden but also set an example for other similar establishments to prioritize sustainability and environmental consciousness.

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