2023 EuroBeachVolley: A Year of Surprises and Triumphs in European Beach Volleyball

This article provides an overview of the exciting developments in the 2023 EuroBeachVolley, highlighting key victories, emerging talents, and the path to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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Key Points

  • Åhman and Hellvig's Success: The Swedish duo's victory at the EuroBeachVolley strengthens their Olympic qualification hopes.

  • Brunner and Hüberli's Comeback: Swiss champions overcome challenges to shine in the EuroBeachVolley.

  • Emerging European Talents: Exceptional performances from new and upcoming teams mark the 2023 EuroBeachVolley.

  • Road to Paris 2024: Teams gear up for Olympic qualification with EuroBeachVolley playing a crucial role.

The 2023 EuroBeachVolley Overview

The 2023 edition of the A1 CEV EuroBeachVolley, held in Vienna, was a spectacular event, marked by fierce competitions and surprising outcomes. Approximately 78,000 spectators witnessed top European teams battling for the title on the scenic Danube Island. Key winners included Sweden’s David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig and Switzerland’s Nina Brunner and Tanja Hüberli, both securing their second EuroBeachVolley title in three years.

Åhman and Hellvig's Road to Success

Swedish champions Åhman and Hellvig, despite challenges including Hellvig's hand injury, successfully defended their title. Their victory in Vienna is pivotal for their Olympic qualification journey, as it substantially boosts their FIVB Olympic Ranking points.

Brunner and Hüberli’s Remarkable Comeback

Swiss duo Brunner and Hüberli, facing hurdles such as injuries and fewer competition participations, showed resilience and skill, culminating in their triumph at the EuroBeachVolley. This victory was crucial, lifting them within the Olympic qualification zone and boosting their morale for future tournaments.

Emerging Talents and Surprises

The EuroBeachVolley 2023 was also notable for the emergence of new talents and unexpected successes. Teams like Luini/De Groot from the Netherlands and Álvarez/Moreno from Spain displayed extraordinary performances, while Ukrainian duo Popov/Reznik achieved a historic medal for their country.

EuroBeachVolley and the Paris 2024 Olympics

The event not only crowned champions but also played a significant role in shaping the path to the 2024 Paris Olympics. With teams striving to accumulate Olympic ranking points, the EuroBeachVolley has become a critical milestone in their journey to Olympic qualification. The success and setbacks witnessed in Vienna will undoubtedly influence the strategies and preparations of these teams for the upcoming Olympic season.


The 2023 EuroBeachVolley was a testament to the dynamic and competitive nature of European beach volleyball. It showcased not only the prowess of established champions but also the rise of new talents, setting an exciting stage for the road to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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